Who gets your vote as who will be the hero of the show? They have led us all this way to believe it'll be Jack and I wouldn't mind, as he is my favorite character. But there are other characters that could just as easily fit that role and have it make sense in a well-written manner. I think the candidates (no pun intended) for possible heroes for the entire finale are:

    • Jack-The most obvious choice is the main character. He has an obsession with fixing too, that would make sense for him to commit another heroic act and perhaps a self-sacrifice.

    • Desmond-With his consciousness-hopping abilities, he could be integral to the final outcome.

    • Kate-She was originally supposed to be the main character of the series when Jack, casted as Michael Keaton, …

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    Okay I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any LOST series finale viewing parties going on in the Boston, Massachusetts area; really anywhere in the Northeast would do. I don't feel like driving 3 hours to NYC, but besides that, I wanna watch it with fellow crazies.

    If you don't know of any, tell me, what are your plans for the finale? Are you attending a party? Are you throwing it? Get LOST!

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  • Joe Hubris

    I simply had to lay them out.

    • Where did it come from?
    • Why was it built?
    • What is it? Is it a geographic feature, or an artifact?
    • Who were the first inhabitants of the island?

    • What is the "source?" Is it something natural on the island or was it put there by someone/something?
    • What is the relationship between it and the smoke monster?
    • What is the connection between the source, the whispers, the time traveling, the dead on the island, the healing properties?

    • Why were there so many Egyptian references in the show? These include countless hieroglyphs, the lighthouse and counter on the swan station. Why did the others speak Latin?

    • Who built the temple? Was it there before Jacob and his brother arrived on the island? Was it there before their mother…

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  • DylanP

    I'm just making this so everyone can post they're favourite premire episode of a season fo lOST or the finale episode. Sow e can all discuss and remb how awesome they truly were. For me My favourite Finale (pre season 6 finale right now) has to be Season 2: Live Together Die Alone. I just loved this one because i felt it had the most meaning. Micheal betraying his fellow castaways for his son. Locke lossing his faith and ends the countdown. Desmond's flashbacks and the fail safe key. And of course the reason 815 crashed. My favourite part of the finale was when the counter almost reached zero, and desmond went to get the fail safe key. We see his flashback of him going to kill himself and finding Penny's note and realising she was gone. …

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  • Driveshaft04

    Lost Series Finale

    April 7, 2009 by Driveshaft04

    Lately I've wondered how the writers will end the show. Will it end abruptly or will there be resolution? With this in mind, I wonder how the fans will react with the ending. Not everyone will be happy with the ending and some will criticize the shows authenticity. Anyone have any ideas how the show will end or how you want it to end? Keep in mind there is a lot of details that are missing that are left to be told. Describe a legit ending with the information that has been given thus far.

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  • And complicated

    My title probably sums up how I feel about this big ol' ending. It's sort of like a lot of good books out there; no one knows how to end a story. And it's not really that the story ends, the storytellers just close up. It was all done very well and I was very very interested throughout, I even shed a couple of tears there at the end, but now that its really set in after a couple of hours, what the hell? Yeah, everyone dies. Duh. With or without that ending I would have no doubt that all of our survivors would've eventually died. And what do you know, they all go to heaven, or something, but THAT HAS NEVER BEEN WHAT THE SHOW WAS ABOUT. This wasn't some exploration into what real-world events echo in the afterlife or any of that shit…

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