• Edelgado92

    Good vs Evil

    June 30, 2009 by Edelgado92

    Does anyone think its possible that the story of "Adam and Eve" could be based on the island? That the island could possibly be the legendary "Garden of Eden"? They even named the two skeletons in the caves in series one Adam and Eve. The whole thing with the black and white stones found in the cave could represent a story of good vs evil and making the right decisions. Further evidence could be found when you look closely at most of the characters having some contact with the bibel or a biblicle story. The black smoke could even be regarded as the "Guardian Angel" of the island. We know it judges people, maybe it decides who is worthy enough to live in the "Garden of Eden"

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  • Captainkebab

    remember the first time locke sees the smoke monster, although we dont see it, we assume it is from the noise and the height of the 'smokes eye view 'when its above him. Anyway i believe what he saw is jacob, not the smoke monster, because he wasnt scared, what he saw was 'beautiful', and therfore mybe jacob is a white smokey, good as opposed to the the black nemesis one. This is why locke is so important he has seen jacob in his original form and bonds with the island, furthermore the second time he hears the smoke monster he runs towards it, but seeing it is nemesis, he is terrified as it grabs his legs, it let him go because he had been 'touched' by jacob.

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  • Captainkebab

    ok, this may sound crazy but i believe the main central story of lost has been revealed and it all came together with the season 5 finale. ok, following on from the valenzetti equation in which mankind has a finate amount of time left until it destroys itself through various ways, here is the thoery of what lost is all about. Far into the future(i know its crazy but hear me out), mankind desperate not to extinguish itself tries to change one or more of the numbers in the equation. 2 sentient beings are created, these are jacob and his nemesis, who are able to judge and nurture mankind. With the whole history of mankind at their disposal they are sent back to ancient times to early civilisation. This is a test/experiment to change the viol…

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  • Stewie baby

    Ok, I know we have been told way to many times that Libby's back story will not be told!

    But after all I've read I still can't work out what she was doing in the metal hospital and why she gave Desmond the boat.

    This may have been said before but my theory on this, is maybe she played a similar role to Matthew Abaddon and her job was also to get people to "where they needed to be". I know Abaddon was never on the island but he has a connection getting to people there, just as she is connected to Desmond by giving him the boat.

    Be good if they did show this back story as a surpise, as whatever her past was/is, I'm sure it'll please alot of people to see it.

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  • The Tapestry

    “Has it occurred to any of you that your buddy’s actually gonna cause the thing he says he’s trying to prevent? Perhaps that little nuke is the incident?” – Miles

    ‘The Incident Room’ is the exact location of where the Jughead’s nuclear core resides, reasoning Sayid’s comment that “The last time I heard of concrete being poured over everything in this way was Chernobyl”, with ‘Chernobyl’ referencing the Ukrainian nuclear reactor disaster of 1986. Dr. Pierre Chang explains that the station was originally built to study the electromagnetic energy (the energy ‘pocket’ that Faraday wanted to destroy using the Jughead), but that not long afterwards there was an ‘incident’ in which the 108 minute protocol was created. Although when we see the Swan …

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  • Thos245

    Just re-watched Catch-22 from Season 3 and it got me wondering if Jacob has visited Desmond. Desmond is explaining that he became a monk after he woke up in the gutter to a man asking him "Can I help you, brother?" Maybe this was Jacob touching him? He goes on to say he realized he had to sacrifice everything precious to him to answer a greater calling. But he got fired by the monks and went on to meet Penny, and you know the rest. Perhaps the island hasn't seen the last of him yet.

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  • The Tapestry

    As things stand, could it be the case that the Island no longer exists in 2008? And that this is the reason why the rest of the Flight 316 passengers were transported back to 2007 instead of the present time... For instance, the Island no longer exists in 2008, because it has somehow been destroyed... this would also be nice as the finale of the show could be a climactic attempt by someone (let it be Locke, please...) to save the Island. It's just and idea, not a fleshed out theory... what do you reckon?

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  • Outlaw2448

    ABC has been showing cross-over commercials with LOST, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, and Dancing with the Stars.

    During the newest one, we see Charlie and several other cast from different shows playing foose-ball. One of the doctors from Grey's says to Charlie that during the next game of foose-ball he was dead to which Charlie replies "Actually I was"

    Think ABC is saying that Charlie will be a reincarnate as well? If so, will Jacob reincarnate as Charlie?

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  • Outlaw2448

    Knowing now what we know about John Locke and his past and early time on the island we understand that he was paralyzed from the waist down from the time he was pushed out the window and touched by Jacob to his survival on 815 Locke has always been connected to the island.

    I noticed that the episode Tabula Rasa (Kate centric) is also the very first episode that Locke was really shown to be a known character. I know I'm reading a little to much into the whole Blank Slate thing, but I find it interesting that with Nemesis taking Locke's form that maybe Nemesis may have noticed Locke around this time as someone who is more special than anyone else on the island.

    Maybe Nemesis found his own Blank Slate just as Kate found hers during this episod…

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  • Sawyerlookslikepaulpheonix

    If all our favorite losties did die in the incident and are re encarnated into the thing that affected him/her on the island in the earlier seasons. jack would come back as vincent (who woke jack up in the first episode) kate would be the black horse. sawyer would be the boar who stalked him in "outlaws", and of coarse hurley would be the pissed off giraffe.

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  • Outlaw2448

    I know that alot of fans thought season 2 was the slowest, most uneventful season of the series.

    I don't understand why I'm thinking about LOST after just waking up and why season 2 was the thing I was thinking of, but oh well. I was thinking that without season 2's button pushing maniacs the whole idea of Jughead possibly bringing our '77 Losties home to 2008 may not have existed. Because without the button pushing, we may not have found out about the Pearl and then seeing just exactly how much force the Swan had when the electromagnetic anomaly was released.

    I can't think of any OTHER why to introduce one of the most interesting antagonist to ever appear on TV without Ben Linus's possible screw up in getting trapped in Roussous net trap an…

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  • Hydra runway

    OK, so Nikki and Paolo were terrible characters. Unforgivably awful, and awfully unneccessary. The end - period; game, set, match. We all hated them at first sight. We all still hate them today. And as a result, "Expose" (the episode which features the pair most prominently, including their AWESOME plot line involving millions of dollars worth of diamonds and wicked spiders that are totally super poisonous, but only make you appear dead) ranks only slightly above "Stranger In A Strange Land" in terms of how much LOST fans hate the episode. BUT - write this episode off at your own peril! There is a potentially huge easter egg in there, my friends, and because it's buried at the tail end of a largely unwatched episode, it's gone totally under …

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  • Encounterlevel
    A THING i realized when thinking bout LOST characters:

    THE MOST OF THEM HAD FATHER-PROBLEMS their fathers were either dead either unknown or just couldnt get along with

    >> sawyer,hugo,jack,john,ben,miles,jin,sun,kate,faraday,aaron,walt,claire,penny maybe others

    I think to not have a real father-relations speaks that character has no BONDS binding him to the place where he/she is or did grown up

    --- so he/she BELONGS TO another place when he/she got a destiny to fullfill, job to do etc. - an iseland maybe, a jacob character acting as a guide, father...calling them back ---

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  • Encounterlevel

    watch this video there is a machine that sounds like the CHAIN SOUND of the monster

    smokey copies & duplicates everything it had ENCOUNTERED being that IMAGE, SOUND etc. for sure.

    another quastion when snokey judged Ben and then get back to them holes WHO THE F*** WAS REPRESENTING ALEX smokey again ?!? why get back in a hole and then pop up as a avatar of a dead daugther ?!? or the THING/MAN/GOD that stand benind the certain[smokey]

    another funny think that have herd not long ago


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  • Kong815

    Why is smokie, for the most part, made of BLACK smoke? never been challenged, never been resolved.

    My question is simple, and thus...

    Was it significant that we saw Jacob being kicked on to the fire in the season 5 finale? Will Jacob manifest himself as white smoke? Or, indeed, any colour of smoke?


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  • Lpbsoccer2

    jack's grandpa

    May 26, 2009 by Lpbsoccer2

    When Jack took those shoes from Ray Shepard and put them on Locke. Maybe that somehow made Locke, Jacob's Nemesis. just a thought..

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  • Hargy-lost

    Excerpt taken from BBC h2g2

    "What if, when we had invented time machines, you went back in time, and accidentally landed on your grandfather, who had not yet had children. You would simply pop out of existence because you could not have been born. Then, you could not have killed Grandpa, and so he survives and you are eventually born and go back in time and land on him again, so you instantly pop out of existence... you would be stuck in an endless loop. There are a few theories around how this could be resolved."

    What if the nemesis is from the future, and Jacob from the past. The nemesis travels backwards in time as a result of an as yet unidentified need to destroy Jacob. What isn't known to the nemes…

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  • OneOfThem

    Lost and Egypt

    May 21, 2009 by OneOfThem

    There is an obvious connection between "Lost" and Ancient Egypt: The hieroglyphs, the statue, the temple... But why Egypt? And where does all this lead to?

    The only thing that's almsot certain is that Tawaret's statue - if it's eventually confirmed that it's Tawaret - is somehow related to the pregnancy issues on the island. In addition to that, we clearly see in the "Dead Id Dead" episode a mural of the Smoke Monster being controlled by ancient egyptian god Anubis - at least, I think it's Anubis...

    So, what else could there be?

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  • Hootless

    In season three of Lost, both Kate and Sawyer were chain ganged by the Others into helping construct/clear a runway.

    At the time, I had assumed that the Others were planning on creating an alternative transportation method in addition to the water-based routes. In the fifth series however, Frank Lapides was able to crash land the Ajira flight on the runway, thus allowing most of the passengers to emerge unscathed.

    Is it possible that in 2004 Jacob ordered the Others to construct the runway in preparation for the Ajira flight that would crash there three years later?

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  • Action Sayid

    At the beginning of The Incident, Jacob is shown wearing a white shirt and his counterpart (c'mon, we all know his name will be Esau)is wearing a black shirt. Which leads us all to believe that Jacob is the good guy and the other chap is the bad guy, which is reinforced when black shirt declares how badly he wants to kill Jacob. But the rest of their conversation is pretty ambiguous and throughout the episode Jacob doesn't do anything that is particularly nice or good. Is it possible that the two of them are simply two sides: light and dark. Not necessarily good and evil like so many people have surmised? Or will the killer twist be that the black shirt is really the good guy. These type of twists aren't unheard of on the show afterall. Th…

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  • JimRobinson

    Juliet as a child

    May 18, 2009 by JimRobinson

    Man, the end of season 5 was quality. So many answers, but yet so many more questions because of it. Is Jacob really dead, what does it mean that Ben has killed him, which side are illana and her team on, why are Charles and Ben set the same rules as Jacob and his nemisis about not being able to kill each other, why did Jacob meet the Oceanic 6 and why was Richard talking in Latin.

    Anyway, my point is very small to all of this, but when we saw Juliet as a child, was it me or were the surroundings reflective of a more modern time, rather than when you would expect her to be a child considering she is in her late 30's. She should have been born around the 60's or 70's, yet it didn't look like this at all.

    Could it be that either I'm thinking t…

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  • Jwilliams102490

     Much has been made about the appearance of Jacob in the season 5 finale entitled “The Incident.” And it is obvious the he plays an essential role in the plot of the series as a whole, and in the season to come. My theory has a lot to do with the relationship between Jacob and the man he can be seen talking with in the black shirt that will hereafter be referred to as “Otherman.” My theory also will make many references to the movie “Constantine” starring Keanu Reeves. If you have not seen it, I recommend it not only for the purpose of understanding this theory, but also because it is a great movie.  So, basically I think that the storyline in Constantine and the overall story behind Lost are one in the same. In Constantine, Earth and huma…

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  • Majackson13

    We have seen that there is some unspoken hostility between Widmore/Eloise and Richard. When little Ben is brought to Richard, his comment about not needing their approval is part defiant, part cowardly like he wants to get something done with Ben before they stop him.

    It was of course assumed that little Ben was taken to Jacob where he was somehow cured but with the side effect of becoming an "Other" permanently. We now know that Jacob lives in the statue and the Temple seems to be the home of the smoke monster. Maybe in 1974, Jacob lived in the Temple and Otherman was trapped in the cabin but since Jacob has been working on that tapestry since Black Rock time, I doubt it.

    So did Richard take little Ben to Otherman? Is that where the "lo…

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  • Dugrrr

    One of the most enigmatic moments of dialogue this season, perhaps the series...

    Nemesis: "They come, fight, they destroy, they corrupt. It always ends the same."

    Jacob: "If it only ends once. Anything that happens before that... is just progress."

    Questions / Theories :

    • Jacob's Nemesis repeats the word they, reinforcing a difference. Are they humanity in general or simply off-islanders?

    what does that make them (Jacob and Nemesis)?

    • Jacob has tried to prove something about them to his nemesis.

    (that they can end it? ..or is it a more general quality or ability?)

    • Jacob is beginning his Egyptian Tapestry as the Black Rock arrives. When Ben is studying

    the finished version, he reaches out at a particular passage (Greek? Translation?)

    • Jacob's den has a…

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  • Cmolisa0

    The Incident Parts I & II were two of the best hours of Lost yet. I thought that the writers were quite generous with the amount of information they provided, but the ending is just too much for my mind to handle! It is an absolute blank, they could write about pretty much anything, but at this point this is what I think would be cool to have, especially for a season premiere:

    1. Oceanic 815 lands in LA, and all prominent cast members get off the plane:

    Think about how fantastic it would be to see everyone get off the plane. Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Libby, Eko, Charlie, Michael (although this would pose a problem with Walt unfortunately, unless they thought really far ahead!), and the recently deceased Sayid and recently revealed act… Read more >
  • Majackson13

    In 2007, Richard tells Sun that he watched Kate, Jack and Hurley die. At the Swan in 1977 there is no reason to believe from what we saw that Richard is there while the Incident is happening. If Juliet detonated the bomb, it would seem that they all died then and there.

    This just makes me think even more that the bomb had nothing to do with the white flash. Of course, it doesn't shed any light on the deaths that Richard claims to have witnessed.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Jamie183

    I'm a believer of Whatever happened, happened. I have a theory that the accident that means the hatch needs to be created is going to be caused by Jack, Sayid and co. and the Hydrogen bomb they are going to use. Maybe when they blow it up, or drill into the ground, it will then cause the pocket of electromagnetism to burst out, and therefore the accident will still have happened, and they were actually the people that caused it.

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  • Jamie183

    The Accident

    May 11, 2009 by Jamie183

    I'm a believer of Whatever happened, happened. I have a theory that the accident that means the hatch needs to be created is going to be caused by Jack, Sayid and co. and the Hydrogen bomb they are going to use. Maybe when they blow it up, or drill into the ground, it will then cause the pocket of electromagnetism to burst out, and therefore the accident will still have happened, and they were actually the people that caused it.

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  • Naptownmenace

    I’m firmly in the “whatever happened… happened” camp and I don’t think it’ll matter what Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid and the Others do. If they change the past or future, that’ll be a huge paradox and the show will lose a lot of credibility for me. Plus there are a bunch of people that just arrived on the island in 2007 talking about stuff that "lies in the shadow of the statue" that I definitely think the writers must explore in season 6.

    I have no proof (this is purely conjecture) but based on the WHH theory, I don't think detonating a bomb will make any difference to the Oceanic survivors past at all. It will probably be the cause of the Incident that leads them to build the Swan, that leads them to push the button every 108 minutes, th…

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  • LostPhill

    How is the accident, jughead, and killing jacob connected?

    Daniel told Kate and Jack that they could be variables to change what happened so they are the only ones who could possibly change anything. Kate rejects this news and accuses Jack of acting like crazy-ol' John Locke because he accepts the news. So Jack must do something that will change what happened. I don't think he'll set off the bomb because the bomb never went off according to what Daniel told Richard a long time ago, but I do think he will attempt to stop the Accident back at the Swan station and be a victim of it.

    In doing so, he becomes a time-warping entity like Desmond was after he triggered the safety lock of the Hatch (Flashes Before Your Eyes). This time-warping entity …

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  • Teerog

    The Incident

    May 7, 2009 by Teerog

    There has been a lot of speculation on the "incident" and whether or not the hydrogen bomb is detonated by the Losties. This being the forum for speculation, I thought I would weigh in with my own theories on the incident:

    1) The H-Bomb is detonated
    2) The electromagnetic properties of the island prevent the death of all
    3) The Swan needs to be completed because of #2

    Some more details...
    1) To jump into reality a bit, this is a television show with a limited amount of story telling time per week. Since the show is nearing its finale, I do not believe the writers/creators have the time to waste on introducing plot devices that do not have a significant impact on the plot. They have spent a lot of time this season on the bomb, 2 episodes by my …

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  • SuperDayv

    Augustus Le Plongeon first proposed the idea of a lost continent named "Mu", that was originally located in the Pacific but disappeared near the dawn of human history. He stated that many ancient Mayan writings spoke about a civilization which predated Greece and Egypt. He went on to theorize than emigrants from Mu founded the Egyptian and Mayan civilization.

    Mu's existence is disputed because "a continent can neither sink nor be destroyed by any conceivable catastrophe, especially not in the short period of time required by this premise."

    hmm sound like any landmass we know that CAN disapear in a short period of time?

    I really like this idea, that the island's civilization predated Egypt and its emigrants actually founded the Egyptian and …

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  • Elliebellie

    what about when they were skipping in time, and juliet sawyer miles got nosebleeds but dan did nt(or locke or jin) dan was nt born on the island ellie may be pregnant when she kills dan, and could this mean sawyer and juliet were on the island as babies/young children as they don t remember ? (because locke would have gotten a nosebleed too from the same amount of exposeure as sawyer and sawyer s nose bled) thoughts ?

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  • Md0u111d

    Daniel Faraday

    April 30, 2009 by Md0u111d

    So I wonder...will the phrase "whatever happened might not actually have really happened" become the new most used statement on this site from now on? Lol. Judging from the blogs and posts below me, probably not as most people still seem to be subscribing to the original view that Daniel had of whatever happened happened. I would like to know why this is? Why are people taking what he originally said as gospel and seemingly ridiculing his thoughts on variables? Why believe one thing he said and not another? Both came from the same apparent brilliant mind didn't they? Or are we assuming that he's just permanently high in the late 70's and that it would really mess things up as we know it if he (or his journal) does manage to change the past…

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  • Jacob's Mama

    Kate has the dream that Clair was in the bedroom with Aaron ....In the Original version( "There's no place like Home" ) When Kate answers the phone, there is three taps and then we hear some kind of weird language ( backward, I presume ) In the recap when she answers the phone, there's three taps and a voice saying "you have to go back". Sounds like Jack who said this previously. The other thing I noticed, is when she kicks in the door to Aaron's bedroom with the gun, there's the White Rabbit holding a watch from Alice Wonderland on the door behind her.( This was in both ) I know Jack sees his dead father In "WHITE RABBIT". Christian, Jack, Clair and Aaron are all related- kinda like a family event in there. If Kate stayed with Jack and Ma…

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  • KatesfriendBeth

    This my first blog, so please don't write endless blogs about me, like you seem to be doing about a person, who isn't even here to defend themselves. The producer's love when people theorize, that's why they did the whole thing on APRIL fools day. You're RIGHT when people talk about a MONSTER ,a EGYPTIAN STATUE, A TEMPLE, or A MAN that NEVER AGES , or a MYSTERY Island with some GHOST MAN running it and TIME TRAVEL, it should ONLY be talked about with reasonable theories, LIKE Jack is Jacob, NO Aaron is Jacob, NO Vincent is Jacob AND QUOTE EVERY WORD EVER SAID BY THE PRODUCERS as Canon, YES that's what they WANT! A group Of PUPPETS, that say their every words and not have any orginial thoughts of their own. THIS MAKES SENSE that YOU think …

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  • Rekuss

    Hey guys, just wanted to share with you my A-level media coursework. I was just wondering what you guys think of it. I don't believe that LOST is 100% dedicated to representing 9-11, however I chose this topic as I knew it would give me a good grade. Furthermore, if it seems like I'm 'nit-picking', that's because I am. That's what A-level Media studies requires.


    “Miracles, viruses, plane crashes and acts of terror perpetrated by a group of ‘Others’” (Wood)
    How far does ‘LOST’ reflect the changing attitudes of post 9/11 American Society?

     At the 2005 Hawaii International Film Festival, Jack Bender, the director of ‘LOST’, was questioned as to why ‘LOST’ had proved such a success. He retorted that it was simply ‘right on the pulse of peop…

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  • Im bi-jack-ual


    April 24, 2009 by Im bi-jack-ual

    due to the time travel issues it is possible that Jacob is not an older member of the island society. he could possibly come from anytime as long as aging on the island is possible even if you are not from that original time period.

    -we saw that Faraday is comfortable with the idea of time travel threw his experiments at Oxford. he pretty much figured out, with the help of Desmond how to send a rats mind into the future to learn something it had not learned until the next day.

    -Faradays equation that he was working on was off and needed the set of numbers that Desmond gave him. either way they completed the equation and it was important in the year 1996.

    -when time was still, most ended up in the 70's. with the knowledge of having that equati…

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  • WroeNboat

    Christian, Yemi, Alex,

    April 22, 2009 by WroeNboat

    Its fairly clear that the monster was Yemi (Mr. Eko's brother) and Alex (Ben's Daughter). After Eko was told he must confess his sins to be forgiven, by Yemi i.e. the smoke monster, he basically said he had no sins to confess and didn't ask for forgiveness. But when Ben goes to the monsters layer and he does ask to be forgiven Alex appears and tells Ben what he now needs to do. Knowing that the monster has already been two deceased characters then maybe Christian Shepard is also the smoke monster. Christian has already said he was not Jacob but could speak for him. Seems to me that the monster would have that kind of ability.

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  • Lostorfound

    As I am new to the T.V. show " Lost ", I'm only vaguely aware of some of the theories about the shows mysteries. I stand behind those who believe the show to be the best on television. I will attempt to discuss a few elements of the show that strike a chord of familiarity in my life and in the research I have conducted in the past few years, incorporating these ideas into my science fiction writing. Nikola Tesla and his research in electricity and magnetism, that led up to the bizarre and still unexplained Philadelphia Experiment in the 40's, was behind the research later conducted at Montauk, N.J. in the 50's by the U. S. Air Force theoretically to discover the potentials powers of electromagnetic waves. Conspiracy theorists have gone as …

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  • Oldhurley

    While watching this weeks episode, my wife may have caught a mistake made by the writers. She works in MRI using a giant electromagnet and said fillings aren't magnetic. It could also be a clue to the nature of the anomaly. It may be more than just a magnet. It could possibly attract conductive metal molecules or change its molecular structure. Seems to be a stretch, but you never know with Lost. They have emphasized special energy filled places. i.e. Claire and Rose's Psychic along with Mrs. Hawking's reference to these at the Lantern. The anomaly could be something more than just a magnetic pocket.

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  • UrbanBumpkin

    Why does Desmond remember the meeting with Faraday at the hatch (that happened in 'Because you left') at that particular point in time in 2007. Why doesn’t he remember it sooner?

    Does this prove that there is a different time line that has occured since 2004?

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  • Jacob's Mama

    He looked a lot like Hurley? I mean come old was his mother when she had him...49 ? This is why she Believed Hurley's crazy story and the the Virgin Mary and Jesus, she always knew Hurley was special and came from a special place, but actually wasn't hers. And his father is always running off all the time.( How old is Cheech? about 67) When he leaves for 17 years, he gives Hurley an Apollo candy bar, which is quite strange considering The Hanso co. bought the exclusive rights of the Apollo candy bar in the 1970's, being the only distributor of the Apollo candy bar. Hurley's dad gives him one in 1987, when Hurley was ten, before he leaves. The only place you could get an Apollo Candy Bar, is on the Island in the 1980…

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  • Jacob's Mama

    " Do you want to know where you came from........who you are?.........who your father is?"...come with us Miles...Ilana is Annie (Ben's childhood friend) and along with Bram, Charlotte, Miles and a few more aboard 316 (Hurley?) are the children of Dharma. Charlotte told Faraday she couldn't get on the Zodiac to leave the Island, because she still didn't know where she was born. Charlotte also told Faraday and the others about the well before she died.....the WELL lies in the SHADOW of the Egyptian Statue. When Charlotte talks about the well that's the first time we heard it mentioned. Before the Purge or after the " Incident " the Dharma parents tell the kids to go to the well, to get off the Island. In case of an emergency, the parents …

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  • David Ames

    The Movie "Vanilla Sky" has lots of similar things to LOST not just the closing scene, when the lens shows the eye of Tom Cruise. It`the story - all the things that are possible etc...

    ..and finaly the last line:"I see you in another life, when we both are cats..."

    Think about it.



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  • John Locke rocks

    When I was watching "Dead is Dead", I wondered why the others hadn't moved into the Dharma houses yet when we saw Ben had kidnapped Alex. If Ben had killed all of the Dharma Initiative and was now living with the others, wouldn't you think that they would have moved into the houses by then? Then we see Ben pushing Alex in one of the Dharma swings a few years later. I am just curious why they were still living in the jungle when they could've been living in the houses. Any ideas?

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  • Jacob's Mama

    Does IL - ana = IL - annie. Ilana looks alot like Annie. We never heard what happened to Annie. One thing I noticed when they showed Dharma after the purge, when they showed the dead Dharma bodies..there were no dead Dharma children shown. (that always struck me odd - with the swing sets and all) When they show the Losties in the 70's there's a few kids running around. I always thought they somehow get the Kids off the Island before the Purge or after the " incident "...on the Subs possibly. Let's say Ben was 12 and Ilana was 7 or 8...(Girls mature fast)..she'd be around 37 or 38. Maybe she was taken somewhere (Like Guam or some other Latino country - she picks up the Accent, as a cover or from many years there, she gets it. ) and the fami…

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  • Timbooth24

    It has bothered me since "Jughead," when the additional survivors of the flaming arrow attack failed to "meet at the creek," that we do not know who or how many actually survived. But I believe this was done in part so that Rose and Bernard would not need to be accounted for in each episode; after all, they are only guest stars, and several main stars (Daniel, Desmond) have barely received any screen time this season.

    Here's what I think, based on Darlton's 2/5/09 podcast where they confirmed that at least Rose, Bernard, and Vincent are still alive, as well as my own observation of the time flashes: Rose, Bernard, Vincent, and any other survivors (which I imagine is three, maximum) are in 2008. They experienced the initial time flashes wi…

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  • Dharma jay

    Widmore was once the leader of "the others" as we learned this season. He left the island because he was bannished by Ben. This was clearly post purge seeing as Widmore left the island via the dharma sub. So for once Ben was telling the truth when he told John " I never killed those people " talking about the dharma folks. It was Widmores plan. Ben only killed his father.

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  • Robineagle

    I think it's a good possibility the Hurley Bird will remain at least partially unsolved. It just doesn't seem important enough to devote a lot of time to. I imagine it will be explained as it relates to the larger mysteries of the island. That being said, I wouldn't be upset if more time was given to the bird and its explanation, I would actually really enjoy it.

    On a similar note, I'm desperate to know what the deal is with the statue, who were the folks who built it etc. This mystery has fascinated me because it seems no closer to being answered, whereas other things (The history of the Others and Dharma) seem to be coming into focus,albeit slowly. Read more >

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