Black Rock Storm


First introduced
Owned by
Before possibly Tovard Hanso, Now Charles Widmore
Found by
at a Southfield's auction
Used by
Black Rock Storm as seen at the Southfield's auction in 1996 ("The Constant")
The same painting is later visible hanging in the residence of Charles Widmore when Ben makes a threatening visit. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

Black Rock Storm is a painting depicting the 18th or 19th century British vessel Black Rock full-sail on stormy seas. It was first seen at the 1996 Southfield's auction of the Black Rock ledger attended by Charles Widmore. The painting was not mentioned by name or explicitly said to be of the Black Rock in the portion of the auction seen on-screen. ("The Constant") Later it was seen at hanging in Widmore's bedroom in London. ("The Shape of Things to Come")


Black Rock Storm was influenced byThe Slave Ship 1840, By Joseph Mallord William Turner
Black Rock Storm was influenced by The Shipwreck c. 1805, By Joseph Mallord William Turner

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