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"Bird" redirects here. For the character, see Captain Bird.
3x12 ParAvion
Releasing the Silver Gull in ("Par Avion").

A number of birds have appeared on Lost. There are various in-depth articles citing specific encounters, including:

Other birds

Epilogue ChangAndTheBird
Chang explains the nature of the "hy-birds" in the Hydra Orientation film in ("The New Man in Charge").
  • After Brian wouldn't pay attention to Walt's report on birds, a bird flew into the window. Brian seemed to think Walt had something to do with it. Walt had been reading a page about the "Bronze Cuckoo". ("Special")
  • When Claire was visiting Carole Littleton, her mother, migratory birds were briefly visible on the television. ("Par Avion")
  • Birds can be heard several times throughout the series, usually preceding the arrival of The Monster.
  • Juliet showed Ben a pile of various dead birds outside of the Hydra building that contained Room 23, beneath a boarded up window. Walt was inside Room 23 at that time. The dead birds included various parrots, various doves/pigeons, possible corvids (crow-like), and debatable larids (gulls). The gulls were not the same species as caught by Claire in "Par Avion". ("Room 23")
  • In the Lost (non-canon) novelization Endangered Species, Faith Harrington recorded seeing an extinct Paradise Parrot on the Island. It was later revealed in the book that there was a group of the birds.

Birds identifiable by calls

In the background of almost every Lost episode, various bird calls can be heard, providing a challenge of aural identification not for the faint of heart. However, these calls may be dismissed as "background-jungle noise;" the sound engineers and Foley artists of the Lost production crew almost certainly do not receive species-specific guidance from the writers. The list below stems purely from viewer (well, listener) curiosity and investigation:

  • Peafowl (Peacocks/Peahens), specifically Common Peafowl (Pavo cristatus), are an introduced bird prevalent in Hawaii, where Lost is filmed.
  • Loons, possibly the Pacific Loon (Gavia pacifica)
  • Doves - likely Spotted Doves or Zebra Doves, as these are the predominant dove species in areas of Hawaii where Lost is filmed.

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