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Baby may refer to one of several individuals:

  • Ji Yeon Kwon, Jin's and Sun's daughter
  • Walter "Walt" Lloyd, as an infant, when his mother Susan took him from his father Michael
  • Aaron Littleton, Claire's baby
  • Claire's substitute baby
  • Alexandra Rousseau, who was a baby when she was abducted by the Others
  • Miles Straume as a baby, raised by Pierre and Lara Chang on the Island
  • Ethan Rom as a baby, born to Amy and Horace Goodspeed on the Island
  • Megan Pace, Liam Pace's daughter and Charlie's niece
  • Clementine Phillips, Sawyer and Cassidy's daughter
  • Shawna's baby
  • Connor, Tom Brennan's child
  • Charlie Pace, who is often referred to as the nickname "baby brother" by his brother Liam
  • The unborn baby that Ana Lucia lost
  • The band Drive Shaft dressed as babies in the Butties Diapers commercial
  • Any of the many dozens of real-life babies who have portrayed Aaron Littleton, a few of whom are listed in the background cast article
  • The baby doll that baited the net trap that caught Kate and Jack
  • The baby born to the wife of the Chinese ambassador to Korea in the Jin-centric flashback in "Ji Yeon"

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