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AVACS LIVE CHAT,this is my favorite application i have ever seen,its a free livechat messenger,2004 avacs company started their activity then its published on 2006 by some developers from ukrain (victor,arsen and etc...), i started chating there since i was 14(2010),it was available for java phone and pc,then for android and in future IOS,so ,here is some abilities in Avacs live chat:

1-advanced search by questionnaire data;

2-exchange of files, photos, music and melodies;

3-the displaying of graphic files and photos on the mobile phone is fulfilled with the prior processing on the server, that allows to choose the appropriate size and format of the image for this very mobile phone model;

4-sending E-mails and SMS messages to the addresses/numbers indicated in questionnaires;

5-creation of contact list (address book);

6-using of animated similes and avatars;

7-changing of message colours and the chat background;

8-ability to enter chat from different mobile phones under your login and password.

you can download it from here,

its available for android,java,blackbery,pc,hope you will enjoy there like im doing,so this is my favorite thing,i just wanted to share it with you,thanks

furthur information E.D.R.I.S

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