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Ray Mullen

Ray Mullen&#039;s Ford Pickup Truck
Ray Mullen's Ford F-150. Ray and Kate are being followed by Edward Mars.

Automobiles used by Ray Mullen

  • 1982–1987 Ford F-150
    • Episodes: "Tabula Rasa"
    • License plate: unknown
    • Color: Red
    • Background: Ray's truck is depicted as an Australian right-hand drive vehicle, although it is likely the real vehicle was a U.S. left-hand drive vehicle, and that the entire scene was horizontally flipped. F-150 pickup trucks are not sold in Australia, however private individuals and businesses import them into the country. It is possible for Ray to
Ray Mullen's Ford F-150 crashing alongside the road.

own one, but it would be more common to see a farmer in Australia driving a Ute instead of an American pickup truck. A Ute (short for Utility) is a car with only a front seat and a bed like a pickup truck, similar to the Chevrolet El Camino, Ford Ranchero, Subaru Brat, and GMC Sprint.

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