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Christian Shephard

Christian Shephard pulls into the Lynford Hotel. ("A Tale of Two Cities")

Automobiles used by Christian Shephard

  • 2001-present Mercedes-Benz SL-500 R230
    • Episodes: "A Tale of Two Cities"
    • License plate: (California)
    • Color:Silver
    • Background: According to Themisfitishere's blog (link and link), this vehicle is said to be a 2007 model but could be any 2001+ R230 model.
    • Based on the wheels and style of the tail lights, it is a post-facelift R230, placing it's date of manufacture on or after 2006. Also, the wheels shown were standard wheels for the 2007 MY and later SL550s.
    • Other images:
front headlight close-up.

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