Charlie's VW Vanagon

Automobiles used by Charlie

  • Late 1980s-1991 Volkswagen Kombi (Camper) Van Type 2 T3/Vanagon
    • Episodes: "Greatest Hits"
    • License plate: YRE2OL (UK)
    • Color: Black
    • Background: This van is the same model as the DHARMA Van, but the latest generation of that model.
    • The UK number plate format should show a white plate to the front. Only the rear plate should be yellow. The plate is obviously fake and of poor quality.
    • The format/terminal letter of the UK number plate would indicate that the vehicle was registered between 1st August 1972 and 31st July 1973. This would indicate that the plate is either a production error or intended to be a personalized plate.
    • The scene appears to have been shot using a left-hand drive vehicle and then reversed left to right as the fuel filler cap should be just below and to the rear of the right-hand front door, but is not there. The headlights are US specs. In Europe the headlights were round, not square.