Anthony Cooper

Anthony Cooper's Mercedes-Benz S-Class. ("Lockdown")

Automobiles used by Anthony Cooper

  • 1991–1999 Mercedes-Benz S-Class W140
    • Episodes: "Lockdown"
    • License plate: 4TRI019 (California)
    • Color: Silver
    • Background: This vehicle has tinted windows, and Locke does not realize who the driver is until the window is opened fully.
Cooper's Jaguar is on the right part of the driveway.
    • More images:
at funeral
at Flightline Motel

  • 2002 Ford Crown Victoria (taxi-cab)
    • Episodes: "Lockdown"
    • License plate: unknown (California)
    • Color: Yellow
    • Background: In 2002, Ford introduced a long-wheelbase version of the Crown Victoria, available only to commercial fleets. This version gives 6 extra inches of wheelbase length, made possible by a new frame and extended body. This version is not available to the general public.
  • 2002–present Jaguar XJ
    • Episodes: "Deus Ex Machina"
    • License plate: unknown
    • Color: Dark Blue
    • Background:
    • More images:
license plate view
Cooper's Taxi ride from "Lockdown" at center. Note Helen's Camry departing at left and Locke's Ford truck at right. Anthony Cooper's Mercedes Benz is also parked in this lot.

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