Ana Lucia

Ana Lucia and Christian Shephard's Australian rental car, a Ford Taurus. ("Two for the Road")

Automobiles used by Ana Lucia

  • 2000–2007 Ford Taurus (rental)
    • Episodes: "Two for the Road"
    • License plate: WIH-647 (Australia)
    • Color: Grey
    • Background: Note this is a US left-drive vehicle, but the entire scene has been flipped horizontally to depict an Australian right-drive vehicle. This vehicle is a fourth generation Taurus, and the updated front and rear fascia reveal it to be of 2004-2007 vintage. The Taurus isn't sold in Australia, however, the Ford Australia sister to the
Ana Lucia and Big Mike's Ford Crown Victoria squad car for the LAPD ("Collision"). Note the lack of collision guards on the front bumper. The plates on the other vehicles are barely identifiable as Hawaii plates.
Taurus model is called Falcon. In fact the original Taurus model was a reskinned Falcon.
front view
front view license plate

  • 1992–1997 Ford Crown Victoria (squad car)
    • Episodes: "Collision"
    • License plate: 5Q49937 (LAPD squad car plate)
    • Color: White and Black.
    • Background: Note that the squad car, like other squad cars depicted in Lost (from the parking lot of the same episode, and from "Numbers", lack the heavy duty collision bumpers at the front that are typical of U.S. police cars. Door logo reads: 41688
    • More images: side view,
front view garage.