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Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)
Alexis Rhee
Alexis Rhee
Character(s) Jin's mother
Date of Birth Unknown
Origin Unknown
IMDb profile

Alexis Rhee played the role of Jin's mother.


  • Starred as Kim Lee in the Oscar winning film Crash.
  • Starred uncredited as Geisha #1 in the film Blade Runner.
  • Starred as Mrs. Wong, wife of Eddie Murphy's character Mr. Wong, in the film Norbit.
  • Guest starred in the season 13 episode "Heart of the Matter" of the TV show ER.


  • In the ER episode "Heart of the Matter", she plays a character named Mrs. Paik.
  • In that same ER episode, a character says "This is an educational exercise, not Survivor."
  • Daniel Dae Kim, who plays her son on Lost, is also credited in the movie Crash, although he has very brief screen time.
  • Has professionally worked under the name Susan Rhee.
  • Classically trained violinist and has used this talent in prior acting roles.

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