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Image from the Jigsaw Puzzles

16 is the fourth of the Numbers. Below is a list of appearances on the show, chronologically by episode.

Occurrences in the show

Season 1

Distress signal
The Signal has been playing for sixteen years.

Season 2

2x01 Bike 16
The exercise bike was going sixteen miles per hour.

Season 3

3x02 Jae Lee Hotel Room 1516
Hotel Room 1516.

Season 4

Season 5

  • The swinging pendulum in Ms. Hawking's lab passed the camera 4 times, then another 4 times (making 8). If it continued, there would be a total of 16 passes (and consequently, 15 before it). ("The Lie")
  • The model of the real "Jughead" bomb was EC16. ("Jughead")
  • The hotel John stays in has 16 neon letters on its front, "WESTERFIELD HOTEL."("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")
  • At the beginning of the episode, the time on the microwave was 3:16. ("Some Like It Hoth")
  • Naomi offered Miles 1.6 million dollars after his "audition". ("Some Like It Hoth")
  • There were 16 key holders on the DHARMA van sign-in board, visible when Miles comes back with Hurley. (Some Like It Hoth).

Season 6

6x04-Jacob's WallJarrah
Sayid is number 16 inside the cliffside cave wall. ("The Substitute")

The Lost Experience

Outside the show and real life occurrences

  • There are sixteen ounces in an avoirdupois pound.
  • There are sixteen different personality types in the Myers-Briggs classification system.
  • There are sixteen pawns in a chess set and each player in a chess game starts with sixteen pieces
  • Children in the United States can get their driver's licence at the age of 16.

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